The term systems engineering first appeared in Bell Telephone Laboratories in the 1940s. Today, 75 years later, systems engineering has been divided into many fields and sub-fields including cognitive systems engineering, industrial engineering, mechatronic engineering, reliability engineering, security engineering and software engineering, to name but a few.

It was founded in 2012, and has since been celebrated annually on the last Friday of November

It was created as a way of saying thank you to the men and women who sit in front of computers for hours every day to make our lives better and easier.

Nicholas Fourie | Founder

Nicholas Fourie was appointed Vice President – Information & Communication Technology in February 2017. Nicholas has been with Fisher & Paykel Healthcare since 2007, and in that time has held various systems engineering and IT management roles, including his most recent position as ICT Manager - Development & Engineering. 

Prior to joining Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, he worked for the South African division of BHP Billiton. Nicholas holds a Diploma in Computer Engineering from Damelin School of Information Technology in South Africa, and is currently studying towards a Postgraduate Diploma in Business at the University of Auckland.